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Contraception for Men

Contraceptive is something (usually a device or drug) which is used to help prevent a woman becoming pregnant.

Both male and female sterilisation involve surgery and are usually performed at the hospital (sometimes male sterilisation can occur at a special clinic). Female sterilisation is performed under a general anaesthetic and male sterilisation is usually performed with a local anaesthetic. Both procedures are permanent and are usually not reversible. Reversal attempts are not usually available on the NHS so would need to be paid for privately.

Where to get it

Your GP or Contraception and Sexual Health Clinic can refer you for sterilisation if you are happy that you have completed your family.

Find out more about Vasectomies at the NHS Choices website

Where can I get it

Male condoms can have a failure rate of up to 15% but this is usually related to them not being used correctly. It is recommended that they are used together with other methods e.g. pills, implant etc. as they provide protection against many sexually transmitted infections.

Condoms are usually made of latex but some are not e.g. Durex Avanti for those who are sensitive to latex.

Condom tips:

  • Check that the condom has not expired ( Expiry Date) and that it has a British Safety Mark or Kite Mark
  • A condom should be rolled onto an erect penis before any sex and the air bubble at the end should be squeezed out to stop the condom from breaking
  • Condoms should not be used with anything which has oil in it e.g. baby oil, Vaseline, lipstick as this may cause the condom to break. If you want to use lubricant ( lube) it should be water based e.g. Liquid Silk, KY Jelly
  • After ejaculation (coming) the penis should be withdrawn with the condom still in place. The condom should be removed and checked to see that it is not broken and that no semen (come) has spilled. If this has happened after vaginal sex, it is very important that a woman gets some emergency contraception. The condom should be put in the bin after use and never used again.

Where to get them:

If you live in Greenwich and are aged between 16 and 21, you can order free condoms from this website. Go to the Free Condoms section of this website.

Free condoms are available to all in sexual health clinics across Greenwich. Go to the walk-in services section to find your nearest service

Condoms are also available at the following places:

  • FREE at GSH Clinics and Contraception and sexual health Clinic (go to the Walk-In Services section to find your nearest clinic)
  • FREE at Genitourinary Medicine Clinic
  • Community Pharmacy ( to buy)